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Balanceboard with ball
Balanceboard with ball


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SferaBall Type

The Beginner - This is ball has been specifically adapted for learning. It is slower and less reactive, making it easier to master your balance training and learn new freestyle tricks on the board.

However, it is still challenging and it's perfect for including it in your workout routines as it does have a higher degree of stability. So far it is only available in one color: The Black.

The Pro - The most challenging yet fun sphere. It has a higher degree of sensitivity and maximizes the feeling of flow on the board. We definitely recommend it. So far it is only available in one color: Yellow.

Combo - It includes a discounted pack of both sferaballs.

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Train your full body and forget about the boring bidirectional boards. Empower yourself to engage in a complete 360º high-intensity balance training with this lightweight wooden balance board.

The SferaBoard maximizes the feeling of flow found in other sports.

The Sferaballs adapt perfectly to the boards design so the experience is always safe and fun.

The deck of the SferaBoard has been designed with a unique closed system that prevents the Sferaball from escaping. This will give you the confidence to control the movement of the ball with fluid precision. 

Take your stability and proprioception to the next level and grant yourself the best core stability training exercise for injury prevention.

Its revolutionary design forces you to focus and engage all your muscles at all times, simulating at its best the movements, inertias, and sensations of your favorite sports but without the associated impact on your joints.

Make the unstable stable with the Sferaboard and give yourself an extra push to exceed in the sports you love

Board specifications:

Materials: Made from sustainable wood and water-based dyes free of chemical solvents.

Weight : 2.5kg

Board size : 60cm x 36cm x 3,6cm

SferaBalls specifications: (included)

Beginner :

Material: Solid rubber compound

Weight : 0.45kg

Size: 80mm

Pro :

Material: Solid rubber compound

Weight : 0.5kg

Size: 82mm

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Passion for Balance

Your Potential

Its unique design maximises the sensations and movements of other board sports. Its 360° rotation axis makes the experience much more challenging by highlighting the importance and influence of the shoulders, arms, hips, toes and heels on stability, balance and rotational movement.

Carefully designed to
Be sustainable and last a lifetime

Our board is made from 8 laminated layers of wood. All the wood we use comes from responsibly managed European forests.


Each SferaBoard comes with a SferaBall included. On the COMBO option you will receive a Pro AND beginner ball.

Yes! Right here! →Sferaballs

The Beginner is a slower & less reactive ball designed for beginners and trick throwers. 

The Pro is our classic ball, faster, more reactive, flowy and playful than the Black (beginner).

We have done numerous and meticulous tests and adaptations to make sure it is one of safest yet still challenging balance boards in the market. 

The Sferaboard stands among the safest balance-boards thanks to its unique technologies that keep the SferaBall where it belongs: under the board. The raised edges on our board together with the unique closed stopper system, makes it just tip over to the ground when you lose balance making it easy to just step or hop off. The classic fall on the roll balance board (launching the board in one direction and your body towards the other) is practically impossible on the SferaBoard. 

Check out our how-to-ride video!

  • Try to look at a steady place & not at the board.
  • Using it over a carpet may make it easier as it slows down the ball (the fatter the carpet the slower the ball will move)

We recommend NOT to use socks as it may be slippery where there is no griptape.

We have not conducted any official weight tests on the SferaBoard.

The highest weight we have tested at home is 110kg. If you weigh around that or less you should be good! 

Any doubts contact us via mail or social media

NOPE! It is true that it can be more challenging to learn than traditional roll balance-boards but anyone could master the SferaBoard. It only takes practice and determination!

YES we do! If you wish to order any of our products to USA or elsewhere in the world contact us through Instagram , Facebook or mail sferaboards@gmail.com

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