About Us

We are a start-up business based in Barcelona, formed by two young, stoked, balance & sliding maniacs who wish to revolutionize the balance-board market.

We would spend every single day out in nature kitesurfing, surfing, skating, skiing, snowboarding, slacklining, climbing… with the on-going thrill to learn new skills and tricks. Based on this lifestyle we have been and continue to work on handcrafting a revolutionary balance board that just rises the bar of balance to a whole other level.

We want to make a difference and provide with eco-friendly & innovative products and ideas to help you #FindYourBalance. We are highly motivated to make this project and motivate others to find a correct balance between consumption goods, business, leisure and nature.
We want to provide a product that at the end of day will unlock your true physical and mental potential, directly reflected on a performance improvement in your favorite outdoor sports!

Join our family and embrace the Sandunga ✌️✌️.

Jorge Ohlsson & Nicolas Appiotti Co-founders of Sferaboards.