We are a business based in Barcelona, formed by two stoked balance maniacs who wish to revolutionize the balance-board market. We are trying to sell what we preach: The SANDUNGA.

The Sandunga is our philosophy of life, the Sandunga is the sauce of life. As cosy as it may sound, we have come to realize that life must be guided by passion, balance and experiences. In our case our driving force is our love for everything related to nature and sliding.

We are two guys who would spend everyday kitesurfing, surfing, skating, skiing, slacklining, climbing and with an on-going thrill to learn new skills and tricks. Based on this lifestyle we have managed to handcraft a revolutionary balance board that just rises the bar of balance to a whole other level. Compared to the other conventional balance boards, the Sferaboard is way more challenging and fun at the same time. Its 360 range of motion makes the whole situation harder than the traditional cylinder as it requires greater mental and physical engagement. It manages to create a closer feeling with the sports we practice and love witha great sense of flow.

We want to make a difference and provide with eco-friendly & innovative products and ideas to help you #FindYourBalance.

We want you to realize how it feels once the unstable becomes stable and how it feels to grow with every challenge. We want share the stoke, the uplifting feeling after landing a trick, o trying out a new line or wave.

We want to provide you with a product that at the end of day will unlock your true physical and mental potential, directly reflected on a performance improvement in your favorite outdoor sports!

However, our aim is not only to produce a high-quality & fun training product; but obviously a product that has sustainability as one of its core values. “Everything you see exists together, in a delicate balance.”

As riders we tremendously value the importance and magnificence of nature, so we do feel we have the motivation and moral obligation to produce something that is respectful with the environment, preserving the balance between society, consumption and the natural eco-system. That's why the Sferaboards are 100% handcrafted in Barcelona and exclusively made from high quality sustainable wood. As we expand, we are trying to improve and continue this journey with even greener alternatives. We are highly motivated to make the world a bit greener whilst enjoying the sandunga lifestyle.

Meanwhile we are proud to say that we are building revolutionary fun boards made from sustainable high-quality wood that will last a lifetime.

Join our family and embrace the Sandunga ✌️✌️.