What are the benefits of a balance board?
Be a better athleteThe use of a balance board enhances your agility and your ability to adapt to changes in external factors when doing sports. Often it is significant for you to very quickly change the direction of movement while...
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Concentration Development with a Balance Board
Balance boards. Fun to have in the living room, a great way to target your core during exercise….and a method of improving your ability to concentrate? Recent studies are proving a correlation between proprioceptive training and improving brain functions like memory, spatial recognition, and concentration. Both adults and kids can unlock a lesser-known benefit of a balance board simply by playing around with one regularly.
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Effects of balance training on post-sprained ankle joint instability

Ankle sprain is a medical condition when ankle ligaments are totally or partially torn. The primary cause of ankle sprain is sharp movements like turning or rolling the foot [1]. The ankle sprain needs to be treated right after the trauma, because if not treated it could lead to decreased stability of the ankle joint and lead to chronic ankle instability, which is characterized by increased risk of the ankle sprain [2] . We suppose that rehabilitation after the ankle sprain could significantly increase the performance of sportsmen.

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